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Who should you invite to your wedding?

Who should you invite to your wedding?

Here at Low House Armathwaite we’re dedicated to providing you the perfect venue for your big day. When you want a wedding venue Eden Valley has nobody else offering small intimate country rooms, beautiful stretching lawns and gazebos with stunning backdrops. We can fulfil most wedding capacity needs. There are flexible options, but who you invite to your event is truly your choice. Limits such as budget and venue capacity can affect the number of guests. Therefore deciding who to invite can be tricky. Some couples choose to elope rather than come to odds over their invite list. We can arrange a beautiful small service for them too.

We have some tips for who to invite below.

The Prelim List

This is your first big list, consider your capacity as there’s no point making a list of hundreds when you can only invite 40, make this preliminary list with just your partner.

Normally if you are having a church wedding or separate service, then those guests attend throughout the rest of the day. If you are having a separate evening event, then you’ll need 2 lists as you may wish to invite more people to the evening party. Consider the hard call questions below before you write your list.

The Hard Calls

Are you going to allow children? Some people ask for their events to be childfree, this can cause some upset but it’s your choice for your wedding day.

Are you going to add plus ones? This does mean that you may not know exactly who will be there on the day.

Are you going to have the same number from each side of the family?

Once you’ve made these choices you can start drawing up the prelim list.

People to consider inviting

Family and friends on both sides so they can share your special day.
You may want to return the favour by asking couples who invited you to their weddings.
Work colleagues you are close too may deserve an invite.

Do not let parents, relatives or friends start adding people to the list, if people want to add others to your list gently remind them it is your wedding day therefore it must be your choice. You will be paying for these people to attend your big day and they will be in your wedding photographs for the years to come.

Choose the right option

At Low House, we have a range of options depending on how big your guest list is. We are licensed for indoor civil wedding ceremonies in four different rooms for up to 80 guests.

There is also the choice of 2 gazebos or marquees for an outdoor ceremony. Our capacity here ranges from 2 to 200 guests.

You may want to follow a tradition wedding path or to go for a bespoke option. Whether you want a more intimate celebration or a huge garden wedding, you can depend on Low House Armathwaite. Contact us now to discuss why the most stunning countryside wedding venue Eden Valley has is the best choice for your big day.