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History themed weddings

History themed weddings

Low House Armathwaite is a beautiful country home that provides a romantic setting for those in need of a wedding venue. Situated in rural Cumbria, only glorious countryside can be seen. We stand out from the other wedding venues Carlisle has to offer by doing all we can to accommodate different themes.  

As we are so flexible with how we let you host your wedding. Whatever theme you have in mind we will explore how to make it come to life. One of the most popular choices is history. Some like pastel tones, others prefer the cloaks of the past. Either way the requirements can be accommodated.

From Victorian style, to medieval attire, these historically themed weddings are cropping up more than ever now. Even Renaissance weddings are becoming a common occurrence. A history theme provides an opportunity to dress up and have more fun; incorporating the couple’s interests in the process.

Renaissance weddings have been a popular since around 2010. In fact they have gained such popularity that they have been featured on websites like So if you find yourself stuck with ideas for themes or colours, this site should help get your creative side flowing.

Here at Low House, we welcome unconventional weddings and finding creative ways to satisfy a theme. Some features you could include in your wedding are, for example, acquiring a photo booth where your guests can get dressed up in different historically themed hats. This would help get conversation flowing, all whilst making the wedding more enjoyable.

For a time, steampunk themed weddings were a huge alternative trend. However, Renaissance is still one of the most popular however, with Victorian style following close behind.

Low House Armathwaite can be made suitable for all kinds of historical wedding themes, whether you want an indoor or outdoor event. If you have any questions regarding our services, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You will find we are one of the most easily approachable wedding venues Carlisle has to offer.