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Is a Bohemian style wedding right for you?

Is a Bohemian style wedding right for you?

Most couples pick a colour theme to centre their wedding day around, but people are now also choosing a style such as Fairytale, 1950s, or even Carnival themed. One of the most popular is Bohemian theme because it’s so easy to put your own spin on this relaxed style. Low House Armathwaite has plenty of our door space that works well to this natural theme, with stunning views over the rolling hills of the Eden Valley.

What Does Bohemian Style Mean?

Bohemian or ‘Boho’ weddings step away from traditional ideas. They incorporate natural and rustic elements above all others, bringing nature into every part of your day is the main characteristic of this theme. It is fantastic for creating an event full of romance with a relaxing and ethereal feel. From the stationary to the backdrop, there are several ways to create this style.


Location is key to creating a perfect Boho theme, if you choose a stark hotel you may struggle to decorate accordingly. Most people choose an outdoor setting or venue with indoor and outside options. A marquee is an excellent idea for this style wedding, they already have a natural style and can easily but decorated in your colours and theme.

If you’re having an indoor theme you can bring the relaxed style and natural decorations indoors, fairy lights, wooden decorations, lanterns, dream catchers, floral arrangements all add to the wonderment of your ceremony.


These are probably one of the biggest design elements with a Boho wedding, bring natural tones and bring floral elements into your day. People often keep the arrangement free flowing, using wild flowers and other elements such as branches and feathers. Not all Boho weddings must be bold and bright, you can use plenty green foliage and subtle colours, peonies are especially beautiful in a hand tied bouquet.


The wedding day attire for a Boho wedding is usually relaxed for both the Bride and Groom, there’s no strict style but lacy, floaty and embroidered dresses are popular. Grooms are now even picking colourful or floral suits to go with the fun and relaxed theme. Flowered crowns and boutonnieres are a popular way to tie your decoration flowers into your attire. Flowers entwined through braids are a chic and simple way to wear your hair on the day, normally make up is a minimum or maybe even add face jewels for extra shine.

Food and Drink

The free-flowing style of a Boho wedding can run along the food and drink too, electric food mixes and in season options add to the relaxed theme.

Many choose an afternoon tea or buffet option for a Boho theme, meaning you can choose lots of small flavoursome treats for your guests.

A gin cocktail or prosecco bar are a great option, or maybe a craft ale bar. Should you require help with your menu choices, our chef Sara Ecroyd can discuss all options for you.

If you want to pick an amazing location for your Bohemian wedding, Low House Armathwaite is here and ready to help you. If you have any queries, call the wedding venue Eden Valley soon-to-be newlyweds can trust to guide them. We aim to make sure every single celebration is beautiful.